EN/ES/POR/GR: Assortment catalogue 2021

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SE/FI/NOR/DK: Sortimentkatalog 2021

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CZ: Katalog sortimentu 2020

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As a professional chef you pay great attention to excellent quality and only use ingredients that inspire you and your guests. Exactly that is the reason for chefs all over the world to buy WIBERG products. The wide product range offers herbs, spices, mix specialities, vinegars and


oils from the À la Carte assortment as well as unique delicacies from the Exquisite range. All the products are designed to suit your needs and, apart from their outstanding quality, they have one main focus: more taste and more pleasure!


From January 2018 onwards, the labels for all liquid products are being systematically updated to a new design that is clearer, of higher quality and more emotional. Every product in the WIBERG range of liquid products – be it vinegar, oil, AcetoPlus, dip sauce, Crema di Aceto or chutney – has its own image depicting the raw material it contains. This makes it much easier to identify the product even from afar, and the strong emotional images convey the added value of the WIBERG brand at first glance.
Overview of new label features
  • EMOTIONAL IMAGES depict the products’ raw materials and illustrate the brand value.
  • HANDMADE CHARACTER thanks to structured label background reminiscent of linen.
  • LETTERING AND ICONS on the front of the label immediately indicate the contents.
Even at first glance, you can be absolutely certain what the bottle contains: a natural, sustainable product that tastes fantastic and is highly enjoyable!


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