Kaiseki is a philosophy of preparation that places the highest priority on
the quality of the components. Only the choicest ingredients are used and then served in an artful manner.

The contents of our new products Shichimi togarashi and Gomashio have been carefully
selected for quality and authenticity. The new spice mixtures follow the traditional Japanese model but have been reinterpreted and prepared with typical WIBERG finesse.
The goal: maximum enjoyment in good company.


Shichimi togarashi coarse – the classic seasoning is comprised of at least seven
ingredients according to Japanese tradition and is therefore also called the „Seven
Spice Blend“. WIBERG reinterprets the Japanese spice mixture and imparts a
fruity aromatic note to the taste of Japan with a natural orange essence. The well-balanced chilli heat, spicy taste of nori seaweed and tingling finish on the palate by the slight acidity of Szechuan pepper will conjure up the Land of the Rising Sun in any dish.


Gomashio is a spice typical of Japanese cuisine. The blend of roasted sesame seeds gives a dish a classic nutty taste and provides a naturally coarse grain for the aesthetic on the plate as well. It is popular in a healthy cuisine, since it lends a pleasant delicate spice to food, notwithstanding the small amount of sea salt.