AcetoPlus Paprika
Vinegar preparation with paprika, 1.2 % acid

Power from paprika. The strong taste of ripe paprika combines harmoniously with the acidity of white wine vinegar. AcetoPlus Paprika is characterised by a balanced acidity, natural aroma, the taste of paprika and, above all, its deep red colour. This high-quality vinegar-vegetable preparation is extremely versatile, and is ideal for modern salads and emulsions, as well as for seasoning, refining and adding a decorative touch to spicy dishes.

Recipe ideas:
❚ Swiss sausage salad with a smoked paprika marinade
❚ Fried pike-perch fillet with creamy savoy cabbage, pine nuts and a paprika and citrus emulsion
❚ Beef carpaccio with artichokes and a paprika and garlic vinaigrette

AcetoPlus Carrot
Vinegar-vegetable preparation, 1.5 % acid

The new WIBERG creation AcetoPlus Carrot creation is fresh, cheeky with a bright orange colour. Surprisingly fruity and sweet with a light acidity, this vinegar and vegetable preparation goes perfectly with spicy dishes and adds that final touch of „pep“ to the most creative of salads. A particularly attractive eye-catching addition to any plate: Whether as a plain dot, a line or a brush stroke – an aesthetically pleasing visual highlight every time.

Recipe ideas:
❚ Steamed asparagus with butter ham, watercress and carrot and safflower oil emulsion
❚ Poached eggs with a creamy pea mash, crostini and carrot and sesame seed emulsion
❚ Fresh goat’s cheese with crispy pumpernickel, cucumber and a carrot and macadamia nut dressing