Sales, technical advice, product development and product management work hand-in-hand at WIBERG to ensure your success. At WIBERG, the service concept is the top priority and our primary concern. This whole concept begins on site at the food producers: the WIBERG sales staff analyse the desires and problems on the market together with the product management, and forward them to the product development department. In our internal technical centre, we

develop customer-specific solutions quickly and easily which are then applied directly at the producers with the support of WIBERG technical experts. Our core business area is providing spices and functional ingredients to improve the flavour, consistency, colour and shelf life of meat products. Regardless of whether it is cooked sausage, cooked ham, fermented sausage or other varieties, you will find the right solution for every product group in our hugely diverse product range.

Customised products for a progressive food industry

WIBERG technical experts can compose exactly the right product for you from a wide range of stored raw materials, perfectly suited to your production conditions.
In the process, they pay particular attention to the following requirements, for example:
  • Different, often country-specific taste profiles
  • Adjustment of the consistency, colour and yield
  • Various raw-material qualities, depending on the required price segment
  • Cultural and religious nutritional guidelines (halal, kosher)
  • Various declarations (allergens, flavour enhancers, organic)
  • Batch-compatible packaging (adjusted to suit the desired filling quantity of the customer)

Solutions for meat products & convenience

Taste is our passion – regardless of whether it is based on spices, spice extracts or flavourings.   

We also cover a wide portfolio: 
  • Prolonging shelf life & preservation with and without E-numbers in the interest of food safety and reducing bacteria
  • Binding – products for swelling proteins (including phosphates) in order to improve texture, such as the bite in sausages
  • Optimisers/emulgators for improving the yield and consistency, and for producing homogeneous products without any separation (recipe and cost optimisation)
  • Foods with colouring effect and colouring agents for an attractive meat colour (large range of colours from orange to brown)
  • Antioxidants/good colour maintenance with and without E-numbers to prevent fat spoilage and oxidation processes
  • Nutritional additives to produce low-salt products or products which are enriched, for example, with fibre or Omega 3 fatty acids

Solutions for casings

High-quality sausages rely on more than just their “inner values” – a good sausage needs a good casing! We provode the suitable casing for any kind of sausage.

We provide you with advice and support with various products and offer you solutions that are tailor-made specifically to your needs:
  • Smoke-impregnated casings – transfer of a pleasant smoke taste and a natural smoke colour without any smoking
  • Deco Quick® – spice coating for meat products, and also perfectly suitable for cheese, fish and vegetarian/vegan products
  • Super-fibrous – sticks with particularly large openings for oversized stuffing pipes
  • Kutex – synthetic casing with a linen bowel appearance
  • Antimould/Antimould R – protection against mould and yeast for raw sausages
As you can see: when it’s a question of sausages and casings, WIBERG is the best place to come for help!