The spicy all-rounder
Louisiana Pure Oil Marinade


When pure, typical barbecue enjoyment is desired, the Louisiana flavor is exactly right. The red marinade is the classic among the Pure Oil products. Paprika, onion and pepper provide for a spicy taste. The Louisiana Pure Oil seasoning marinade is ideal for pork,
beef, poultry, game, fish and vegetables. No matter what is sizzling on the grill, this marinade is always right when the grill is loaded for a classical BBQ.


For a fruity touch
Plum & Ginger Pure Oil Marinade 

This fruity Pure Oil newcomer combines plum, ginger and paprika. This elegantly prepared marinade with a smoky flavor goes perfectly with pork, beef and poultry as well as vegetables. Anyone who likes to score points when grilling with new, unusual flavors will be well rewarded with the savory sweet Plum & Ginger taste.

With oriental spices
Oriental BBQ Pure Oil Marinade

The Oriental BBQ Pure Oil flavor lives up to its name: The subtle blend of spices will conjure up oriental flair on the grill. Anise, cinnamon and allspice, together with smoke flavor, will provide a harmonious taste experience. This refined marinade is ideal for fish, vegetables, pork, beef, poultry and game.

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