Use WIBERG Deco Quick® and ensure extensive production steps become a thing of the past!  From now on, the focus is on visual appearanceand taste! Now you have the chance to give your specialities anattractive appearance with the usual high quality of WIBERG spices.

ONE basic product – MANY variations to match the most diverserequirements.
The benefits

  • Excellent, even meatcling characteristics of the spice coat
  • Also suitable for coating with coarse spices
  • Easy to peel
  • Strong colours for attractive appearance
  • Promotes declarations
  • Spices do not “bleed”
  • Product does not smear on the slicer

 Also for raw sausage
The success of our tasty Deco Quick® solutions is also revolutionising the world of raw sausages.The advantage is plain to see: tedious, time-consuming production steps to apply spices become a thing of the past. Deco Quick® for raw sausage offers you quick and easy spice coatings with an even, attractive and clean outcome.

Raw cured meat products
Deco Quick® will give raw cured meat products a particularly fine taste and ensure they look good. Seasoning does not fall off, even when cut into thin slices. Deco Quick® allows for innovation! 
Roasting sheets
You can also apply the numerous benefits of our spice coatings to tasty roasts!
Deco Quick® will make them as easy on the eye as they are on the palate with its effects that lend colour and taste. Wrap the product in Deco Quick® roasting sheets prior to roasting to give it its shape. This will result in an attractive end product that will make an impression – one that not only has a standardised shape, but also has a delightful taste throughout and an appealing look. 
The benefits

  • Suitable for all types of industrial meat production
  • Saves costs, material and time
  • Can be frozen and thawed
  • Can be produced in bulk and stored (no production peaks)
  • No declaration of additives required on menus

Deco Quick® is also ideal for upgrading cheese specialities! The tasty decorative casings refine cheese slices, mild cheese and soft cheese in an extraordinary manner. There are no limits to creativity: the multitude of seasonings and herbs will give any cheese creation a certain edge and lend it the finishing touches with regard to taste and visual appearance. Deco Quick® for cheese is available in all flavours.