Traditionally, textile casings are used for liver sausage products. They lend appealing looks to the delicious sausage specialities, yet bring about a host of technological disadvantages: short sticks, mechanically unstable casings and merely average barrier values are just some of the reasons many sausage manufacturers are seeking more efficient production alternatives.

The ideal combination
As an ideal solution for liver sausage, WIBERG Kutex combines the attractive looks of a textile casing with the product-based benefits of an artificial casing. Artificial casings are most suited to industrial production and they enable faster, more efficient and safer production in addition to the appealing look and feel of traditional textile casings. With a special textile print and a rough surface, Kutex not only impresses with its natural looks, but it is also easy to handle and process.

Compared with conventional textile casings, our artificial casings ensure more metres per stick, higher barrier values and an economical price-performance ratio. And last but not least, Kutex is particularly easy to cut – even at angular cuts.

The benefits

  • Looks and feels like a textile casing
  • Longer sticks
  • Improved machinability
  • Higher barrier values
  • Very good cutting characteristics – also for angular cuts
  • Cooked sausage mass does not bulge out – not even in the secondary packaging
  • Cost-effective alternative to textile casings