The more varied a diet, the more balanced and healthy it is.
This is why flexitarians also prefer to eat less meat while
enjoying it just as much, and simultaneously doing something good
for the environment. Let‘s not forget that 70% of greenhouse gas
emissions from food are based on animal products. Looking at water
consumption reveals a similarly dramatic picture.
The production of one kilogram of beef requires around 15,000 litres
of water.

Veganism is Boomting 


By 2023, the meat substitute market is expected to grow to $23 billion worldwide, offering enormous potential for vegan product manufacturers. Great Britain, Germany, and France are each showing a significant increase in new meat-alternative products that places them at the top of a European comparison. FRUTAROM Savory Solutions offers comprehensive products and services for the new launch and further development of vegan foodstuffs. These deliver individual, tailor-made solutions for all types of requirements.

Limitless Taste
Vegan products can be transformed into anything taste-wise that the trade and industry desire. Vegan „meat products“ are based on plant proteins, which are taken mostly from pulses and different cereals. While the raw materials used worldwide vary, pea, wheat, and textured soy as well as sunflower seed proteins provide the best results.

FRUTAROM Savory Solutions uses precisely these raw materials in the highest
quality in order to achieve the best results for its customers.

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