The team of  technical experts consists of 13 professionals. They symbolise the wide variety of the WIBERG meat product range and will be glad to assist you with helpful, practical tips. These creative master butchers, technological experts and application engineers will support you at any time with efficient, economical and individually tailored product solutions.

Find out about the selective use of WIBERG products from all areas of the meat product industries and the butcher’s trade – ranging from sausage casings to various sausage and ham specialities, convenience applications and even pet food.

Our mission Your advantage 

technical experts
The specialists in the sausage-casing team master every challenge when it comes to casings. We have aroused your interest and you would like to immerse yourself in the world of sausage casings and their qualities?     

Our masters of their craft will support you in the implementation of your ideas, produce application recipes for your business and optimise the production process with innovative solutions.