Our philosophy is your safety, because the focus at WIBERG is clearly on maintaining excellent quality! This is conditional on the purchase of top-quality raw materials. Long-standing experience as well as comprehensive specialist expertise are required to secure and to access top harvests from sporadic, scarce offerings.
Incoming goods are subjected to extremely stringent checks at WIBERG. In this way, we manage even in times of raw-material shortages to offer you only products that satisfy the WIBERG quality criteria – with the guarantee of success and safety, bringing you excellent taste and pleasure experiences at the best price! Indeed, quality and sustainability in trade have been among the most important principles for WIBERG since the founding of the company. We stand by our responsibility, our suppliers, our customers, our employees and our own history.

Icons, etc.
WIBERG quality seal

A range of additives are added to many foods for the purpose of preservation, improved appearance and greater intensity of flavour. WIBERG designs its range as natural as possible. Icons and seals, etc. help to make orientation easier.