With the high-quality WIBERG products, you can be certain that the delicacies will also be successful for your guests and customers. WIBERG guarantees consistent standards here with regard to taste and potency. Many WIBERG packages also provide a dosing suggestion for the respective

product that strongly promotes the success of your specialities. For instance, you can find this suggestion on the Aroma-Tresor® flavour safes of the WIBERG BASIC line, which are also independent of any regional spicing preferences and so can be supplemented as desired.

taste that will work
With the WIBERG functional ingredients and the WIBERG combinations for function and taste, you can be certain that the specialities that you manufacture and produce will be sure to succeed. Consistently high quality standards and regular, strict quality controls guarantee safety at the highest level!

Tested raw materials
All raw materials that are used by WIBERG for further processing are subjected to strict quality tests upon delivery. The scope of the testing at goods receipt depends on the type and origin of the respective raw material and its internal risk classification.

Internal analyses
Raw materials, unfinished and finished products and foods of all kinds are examined directly in the WIBERG laboratory. We have a range of approx. 200 analytical methods available there. Our independence from other laboratories means that we can act quickly and efficiently on a case-by-case basis.

Sophisticated allergy management
We at WIBERG place great value on comprehensive and consistent allergy management. The allergenic properties of every single raw material are recorded in our raw materials database and transferred systematically to recipes and finished products.

Certified safe
WIBERG is certified to FSSC 22000, ISO 22000:2005 und ISO 9001:2008 and also satisfies all the special requirements for organic- and halal-certified products. The main focus of the certification, in this case, is on the process orientation and absolute food safety, which is repeatedly guaranteed by detailed risk analyses and preventive programmes.

Ideally packaged
At WIBERG, we count not only on the inner values, but also on a first-class external appearance – because high-quality packaging not only protects the product during transport and storage, but also performs other important functions. For instance, the PE tight laminated foil of the WIBERG flavour pouch ensures maximum product safety thanks to its light impermeability, the integrated water vapour barrier and its perfect flavour tightness. Even more safety is guaranteed by the patented, blue internal foil which makes it particularly easy to recognise any packaging residue during processing and so complies with the HACCP requirements.