The area of seminars and workshops has developed into a significant part of our service offering. Either on our own modern and excellently equipped premises at the WIBERG Academy or locally on your site, WIBERG will provide the ideal service and advice for you, regardless of whether you are a professional chef, a food producer or a decision-maker in the food industry. We facilitate your everyday work with helpful practical tips and application aids, and support your production by showing you new possible paths.
How can I bring new accents into my kitchen? How can I fascinate my guests? How can I use spices, herbs, vinegars and oils, and also functional ingredients from the food industry, in a useful way? How can I improve my production and how can I increase my performance? You will receive answers to these and many other questions at the seminars in the WIBERG Academy , the seminars at the Academy to go and the individual customer workshops.

Meet the stars

Twice a year (spring/autumn), WIBERG invites a star chef to the WIBERG Academy in Salzburg to inspire the seminar participants with their particular skills. We have already enjoyed many highlights, from sous-vide cooking with Heiko Antoniewicz to vegan cuisine with Paul Ivic, and even Alpine Cuisine with Andreas Döllerer!




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